We are driven by a focus on enduring quality with an innate sense of sustainability to create garments that last; and recommend simple measures to ensure longevity. 

Dry clean your garment no more than 2-3 times a year, as the process degrades natural fibres. Promptly attend to stains with unscented wipes, and have them spot-cleaned professionally.

Hang your garment properly between wears to reset the drape, and 'steam' it by hanging near a hot shower. Cedar wood hangers will naturally repel moths and absorb excess moisture. A frequently-worn garment should be pressed on a monthly basis to remove creases and maintain its shape.

Should you require adjustments at any time, please reach out to have your garments and profile updated by our tailors.

For further care advice, recommendations or any other support, we are always available.

Grant, Founder
+61 423 297 77