Mawson Óssa is a contemporary tailoring house based in Sydney, Australia, offering handcrafted, bespoke & made to measure garments with a distinctive cut and tonal palette.

Atelier Mawson Óssa

We are driven by a focus on enduring quality and an innate sense of sustainability to create garments that last, allowing the wearer to continuously build on a capsule of complementary pieces. Our signature tailoring is characterised by subtle yet distinctive cuts informed by a contemporary approach that is exclusive to our atelier. Great emphasis is placed on textiles with tone and texture; integral to the creation of a harmonious Mawson Óssa garment.

Excellence through discipline

From the selection of fabric to the placement of each stitch, we are rigorous in the application of our craft — and excellence cannot be rushed. The unique aesthetic of our garments is the result of a meticulous, multi-stage fitting process in which the pieces take shape, evolving through continual dialogue with the client.

A focused, personal service is at the heart of everything we do, underpinned by a commitment to fit, function and form that sees us craft comfortable yet refined garments that cater seamlessly to the individual. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs; consultations are booked without the immediate expectation of placing an order.